The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The stranger comes...

Wow it truly has been a long time! Happy Easter! Been to several writers workshops lately. In the process of try to get on volunteering with AAA Women's services. Hard to believe April is midway through. My how time goes by! I sound old don't I? I will be 23 this year! Anyway here are a couple of poems enjoy!

The History Maker
By: T.J. Ellis

He calmed the storms.
He restored the sick.
He loved the outcasts
He made the blind see.
He spoke in parables
He comforted the mournful.
He raised the dead to life
He feed the starving
Because of Him,
Crowds were awed and angered.
He loved the “unlovely!”
He died the most brutal death in history.
He alone is the Son of God, seated upon the throne.
He was beaten and pierced beyond words.
He was taunted and insulted
He made history, not by his miracles alone
His glorious resurrection offers eternal Hope!
He is Jesus!
He is the way and the truth,
He is The History Maker!.

Do not copy or alter text please without my consent.

Freedom’s Price
By: T.J. Ellis

Did you think of me: as the nails pierced your hands?
Did my face flash before your eyes, as the whip broke your skin?
Did the list of my sins come to mind, as each insult made its way?
Am I truly worth such agony and pain?
I deserved upon that cross to hang.
For the lies I have told,
For my heart that is so cold.
For the parents I have upon on several occasions, disgraced.
Instead You Jesus, took the blame,
For every time I thought, or said THY name in vain:
You endured the wrath for my covetous heart
You died because my “goodness” is a pile of dirty rags.
By a pool of blood, your body dragged.
You were without flaw.
No sin did you commit, at all!
Yet, you loved me so,
That you stood silent, as they tore your robe.
Then, forced and stripped bare, as your accusers stood.
Lord, what you suffered, is beyond unfair.
You did it for me.
You knew that life, apart from you is no life at all!
There are no words to express my love for Thee!
Help me to live as free.