The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Monday, April 20, 2009

2 posts in one day?? Remembering Columbine....


    Just had something I wanted to write, but please also look @ my other post too.  10 years ago today there was a national tragedy,  but even more so a personal one for those @ Columbine High school.  I will not forget that day.  I will not forget the pain I felt for those students and their families.  I will not forgot that they were, and are the same age as me.  I will not forget the tears I shed over their personal loss, and how impacted me, it was then that I came to understand the importantance of love and compassion, even today as I think upon what happened my heart aches, even though I never met those who lost their lives, or their loved ones.   That day, and that pain I will not forget.    I remember not long after that my own high school got a threat, but thankfully, it was only a similar threat.  Mom didn't want me to go to school that day, but I did.  In fact, it was the one day I felt nearly compelled to go.  I know there have been massive school shootings since, and my heart mourns for all.  I remember though that evil will never win and God heals the broken and makes them beautiful for his name sake!  Has there been one or more tragedy that may not have touched you directly, but has touched you nonetheless?

Enjoy my fun & silly family photos

Macy and me... Before bed pardon the way I look.
Guess who!  I was high on starch! lol
Brady's new John Derre Gaitor!
I got hit with the dart gun lol Jocelyn & the birthday boy!
Jocelyn riding a tricyle...
Brady with his dad-Bill.  Bill and I grew up together!
Brady's cars birthday cake!  My cousin Kim, Brady's Aunt made it!
                                                             Cousin Cole @ Brady's third birthday party
Hi Bloggers:

    Hope all is well with you today.  I'm glad you enjoyed my pics!  Here are more!