The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Monday, October 02, 2006

Big Weekend a little Smitty, and a little Jocelyn!

Hi Folks:

Well what a busy weekend it was! Jocelyn had her 1st birthday which was adorable! I love her more each day! I went to the Michael W. Smith Concert Sat. What a wonderful time of intimate fellowship with God that was! It was such a joy! Believe it or not, I cannot seem to express in words how great it was! The mayor was there, and congressman Zack Wamp. Smitty did some of his classics like "Friends," "Hello Goodbye" Seed to Sow" Love Crusade" The worship set included Open The Eyes of My heart, "Above All" I Give you My Heart" "Be Lifted High"-a worship song on the Stand album, "Draw Me Close", "How Great Thou Art", "How Great Is Our God, and more! Anyway it was great!

Anyway God is good, he is equpping me to do good works. See Eph. 2:10 It is good to update. I attended the AAA banqet this month, and worked the helpline 3 times, but the first 2 times did not get calls, but got lots of calls the third time.
I'll post a verse next time.