The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life List, Chosen Ones, and More...

Hi Bloggers:

Thank you for your prayers! Today, I want to do a couple things. A friend and fellow blogger inspired me to make an ultimate to do list for my life. Here I go, the only problem is I don't truly think half of it will happen, but I'll make the list for fun.
1. Go to Hawill
2. Have my first adult kiss.
3. Reconcile with loved one
4. Get a fulfilling job that pays reasonable.
5. Write a book and have it published
6. Lead Someone to Christ
7. Visit Fayetteville GA,
8. Meet Kirk Cameron
9. Go to DC.
10 Lay on the grass under the stars.
11. Read all of Karen Kingsbury's books
12. Have my own place
13. Be a public speaker.
14 Go on a cruise
15 Have lunch with Michael W Smith.
16. Sing karaoke.
17. Meet Mike Huckabee.
18. Host a formal party
19 Go on a cruise.
20 Have a daughter for a week.
21. Go to disneyworld.
22 Have a wedding/honeymoon/marriage.
23. Be completely content for an entire week 24/7
24. Feed the hungry children
25. Talk someone out of hurting themselves
26. Go to CA.
27. Fast
28 Meet Rick Warren
29Have a good looking guy tell me I'm beautiful, and know he means it
30. Go swimming again.
31 Learn to like Salad.
32 Hang out with John Erickson Tada

You know sometimes I think the things we think we want and dream about are often more fun in minds and hearts, than they are in life, I mean like the saying says the grass is always on the other side. It is weird, but sometimes I find that unfulfilled dreams can often bring me more joy than the reality not matching up with me ideals. Maybe that makes me totally crazy, but it makes me fantasy world far richer.

Next topic... Rejection-If you have lived hardly any time at all, then I know you have faced rejection either real or imagined or both. You also know how great and humbling it is to be chosen. I remember when I was chosen by my peers in high school to be a senior court attendant. I tried to keep my cool, but inside I was soaring. There has since been a debate, as to why they actually voted for me, but if nothing else, it was God's gift to me. What joy there is in being chosen. We are wired with a longing to be chosen! I have been reminded afresh what the Bible tells us about being chosen. The Bible tells us that God CHOSE us, we did not choose him! It also lets us know in Eph 1 that because God chose us, he also favors us. It is cool as I think it must be true that God not only loves me, but he actually likes me too. I have plenty of people who love me, but I often wonder how much they like me lol. Do you know what a huge deal that is? The same is true for all who trust in Christ. Christ both likes and loves us! Oh how I need the Lord to remind me when the darkness is so very thick. Rest in the realty chosen ones!
FYI The word chosen itself appears 123 times in the Bible Thank you for your comments!