The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, October 01, 2010

Let's Party Friday and More!

My cousin Kim made the beautiful cake it took her 12 hours!

                                                            Mumzie's Nephew Mike
Cousin Emily with Jocelyn & Brady.  Our pastor and music minster are in the background.
  Mumzie was so surpised she had no clue about her party

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Mumzie's Great Grandson Brady and his mom Mandy she works @ HairBenders

I was happy we spent all day planning
Singing Happy Birthday!

                                             Aunt Margaret(My mom sister and "the cake lady)

Cousins Jocelyn & Jack
 Wow a lot can happen in one week!  I'll begin with pics from last Saturday of Mumzie's 80th birthday and then go from there.  Honestly blogging is the last thing I need to be doing, as I have so many other deadlines, but sometimes a girl's gotta blog!

Now on to both Come Alive & half full Friday!  find out more Go Here
  • I am joyful that my mom is feeling better, since she got very sick this week from a kidney infection and had to go to the ER.
  • I am joyful that my email isn't spamming folks anymore.
  • I am both joyful and thankful Jenn was able to stay with and take me care of while mom was at the hospital.
  • I am joyful that both my brother and dad called this week
  • I am Joyful that the Good Wife's new season began Tuesday. 
  • I am joyful because of the progress I've made through God's grace, and that I'm not who I was. 
  • I am joyful that I got the new Wonder album! (see post under Smitty Fan)
Come Alive Friday: Things that made me come alive this week. Sponsored By: 
  1. Talking to Amy on the phone. See Favorite things tab.
  2. A slow day @ Choices
  3. The song Take My Breath Away.
  4. Serving others)
  5. The sunshine and Chicfila twice this week! 
       I've not shared spiritual reflections in awhile,  I hope to next post.  I enjoy your blogs too!