The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Thursday, November 15, 2018

100 Reasons

Some of you know in years past I have shared my thankful 100 for my own reflection also hoping it will inspire your own list whether you share it with others or not.
Sometimes I do this privately some years publicly, but the important thing is to do it  Nike said it, culture said it, but the Bible said it first when referring to giving thanks.' in every situation [no matter what the circumstances] be thankful and continually give thanks to God; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.'  

In no certain order:
here are my 100 Reasons I'm thankful in 2018

  1. Jesus sought me and Bought me.
  2. My brother, sister in Love and Nieces,
  3. The memory of my mom and dad
  4.   Mumzie, Margaret and Ron, Bill and Mandy, Kim & Brad and all the kids.
  5. Beach Family, Hand family
  6. extended family
  7. Two Rivers Church 
  8. Love and continued relationships with BHBC 
  9. 2rc Kids
  10. The chance to live at home
  11. New relationships 
  12. Personal growth
  13. Basic needs met
  14. Clean water
  15. Health
  16. Clothes
  17. Transportation 
  18. Alexa
  19. Caregivers 
  20. Choices Chattanooga 
  21. Purpose
  22. No migraine today
  23. The strength to admit I was in the wrong
  24. Our Beach trip
  25. Hanging out with Jenn
  26. Playing with Hope and Abbi
  27. Watching Alex
  28. Watching Harper play Softball 
  29. Holding Maddie the first time
  30. Almost going to jail with Megahan friends Lindsay and Megahan.   
  31. Having a friend like Kristin to hold my head when. I puke my brains our.
  32. Lindsay and Dave’s Wedding 
  33. Cassie Reyes 
  34. Surprise visits with Mike Graham 
  35. Time with the House Family
  36. Time with Justin
  37. Keeping In touch with The Howell family
  38. Sisters of Hope
  39. Prayer from Todd 
  40. Laughs with Michelle 
  41. Running almost out of gas with Houston
  42. Raw Oysters with Matt
  43. Time with Aunt Phyllis and Garrett 
  44. Watching Brady Wrestle 
  45. Watching Jocelyn decorate 
  46. Dinner delivered
  47. Laughs with Margaret and Ron
  48. Chats with Sis In love 
  49. Hugs from kids at church
  50. Listening to clients
  51. Logan and Liz
  52. Friends
  53. Tom Henley
  54. Sammi Dees 
  55. Kattie Dees
  56. The legacy of Susan Morris and Willma Fowler
  57. Martha Rodgers
  58.  Marsha Rodgers 
  59. A hug from Dianne Mason
  60. A sweet card from Choices 
  61. Freedom to risk and Freedom to fail
  62. Sandra Rose and het prayers
  63. Lana and Franklin
  64. Insurance 
  65. Money
  66. Water filter
  67. WiFi
  68. Maggie
  69. Macy
  70. Our neighbors 
  71. The UPS Guy at work. 
  72. My fan
  73. My Computer 
  74. Jon Teague’s real how are yous 
  75.  Chris Jessen’s real bulleye how did he know that prayers
  76. Katie Jessen’s ask all the right questions kind of caring
  77. Katie Teague and her sincere heart for people
  78. Brantley Robinson.and his contagious passion
  79. Sheila Dale and her real heart
  80. People and their generosity to me
  81. Barbara, Inga, and Brenda. 
  82. Courtnie May
  83. Joking with Kevin Murdock.
  84. My favorite Bama Fan Bryan Murdock.  
  85. Moms Journal
  86. Medicine
  87. Bed
  88. Heaven
  89. People who allow me to cry
  90. People who allow me to be happy 
  91. The chance to tell Maddie about mom
  92. Mumzie knows who I am
  93. Time with her
  94. Sleep
  95. Safe drivers
  96. Friendsgiving 
  97. Shower chair
  98. caravan
  99. So many more things and people Spirit Horse Ranch Lance and his mom's cookies.  Blackwell Automotive.
  100. The word of truth 
  101. Oh and just for Kicks Michael W Smith as a bonus