The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sent to me via e-mail!

I did not write the folowing but whoever did is so talented. It was forwarded to me with no copywright so I'm just posting it as is!

Sir Isaac Newton once the absence of any proof, the thumb alone would convince me that Jesus lives and is not dead. Nothing in nature rivals the hand's combination...of agility, sensitivity, and sensation. Just as artists have tried to visualize the face of Jesus Christ, I try to visualize His hands through the various stages of His life. I imagine His hands as an infant, soft as a powder puff. I imagine His hands as a carpenter, callused and rough. I imagine the healing hands of God's Son, He could have healed everyone at once, but He preferred touching them one by one. I imagine His hands on the cross and what it was like, for those beautiful healing hands to be pierced with a spike. His weight hung from them, releasing his blood for all to see. Is there a sadder sight than that of the Son of God hanging, dying from a tree? He suffered for us but did not complain, He arose from the dead but the scars remained. He chose to keep the scars as a symbol to everyone that our sins have been paid for by God's Son. He knows what life and suffering on earth is like, His hands prove it, with scars from the spikes. What do His hands mean to you?

Neat huh?