The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Little of TPDL


I guess I am in a writing mood this weekend. I would encourage you to read my Whoa Baby post to see pictures of Baby Alex before you read this one. I have begun doing the purpose driven life again for the second time. I got a lot from it the first time, not nearly as much I am now as I currently study it. If Christians could truly grab hold of the Biblical truths layed out in this book, then I can't begin to imagine how Christ Centered we might become! We might have to relearn this truths again and again, until they become a part of us, but what a wonderful thought that could happen if we did. If you have done The Purpose Driven Life By Rick Warren, and didn't get into it, maybe the timing was not right for the lessons, but please try again. My plan is to go slowly through this book, learning the concepts and Bible verses, not just reading them, but rereading them, I know it can be done in 40 days, but it takes me longer for things to make their way from my head to my soul. So, if you have this book and want to follow along with some of my upcoming posts, feel free so you can better understand the insights from my posts. I don't know how much book content I can actually post on the blog, because of copyright, but I'm sure you will still enjoy it, and get the basics ideas. I'm already on Day 7, but for the Blog I'll begin with Day 1. Warning the book uses many different Bible Translations. Some I enjoy more than others, but the message of the Gospel Remains the same. I'm not a big fan, of paraphrases in general, like The Message, so as much as I can, I'll avoid those. We will see how it works. It may not be an every day posting, but we will see where it leads. I'll stop here for today, but just a little intro post here.

Life is good with me, I'm still sorting through the last few months, now that there is time to reflect and not just live through it. God is beyond good! Thank you to my new readers for stopping by!