The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Post trip reflections and photos!

This would be me watching football AKA THE VOLS GET CREAMED!

My brother entering the cousins while the 13 of us ate @ amazing restaurant called Bullfish  in Pigeon  Forge TN.

We are all playing my favorite game Apples to Apples, it took a minute but everyone learned and got into it!

Cousin Jocelyn was glad to have  this pic taken...

She just lost a couple teeth, but she is still smiling!

View from our condo!  We stayed @ River-stone resort and Spa!  Wanted to visit the spa, but never made it there, plus the spa is pricey...  

Love Brady's smile here!


A PICTURE of me, that I'm okay with

I'm really glad we got t
his one!

   So I can't describe everything, but hope these pictures provide a snapshot....  I relearned some things  on this trip....  
  1.   When you let go of expectations you most often find greater fulfillment unexpectedly.
  2.   You value your life more when you "leave" it for a short time.
  3. I really do love my family for who they are!
  4.   I eat even more when I'm away from home.
  5.   There are a few things I like about the fall season!
  6. I do love worshiping our amazing amazing Creator, and His Creation makes me smile!
  7. God really cares about me!  
What do you love about  your Vacations/What lessons has getting away from your everyday stuff taught you?