The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday tributes!

Happy Birthday Jennifer Hand and Michelle Humbert!

We have had many great times together, and there are so many more ahead. The two of you are uniquely individually and separately special!

Jenn: I thank God that he put us together that day in Mrs. Sellers Biology class! I don't know where I'd be, or what I ever did before we met. I am a better person because of you! We have grown so much together. You have brought such joy and fun into my life! Before I met you, I truly don't think I had ever known what it meant to have a real best friend! The laughs and tears we have shared and shed so far, have enriched my life so much! From Healing Rain. to boys, birthday parties, puke, Bible Study, prayer, Lane Bryant, Underwear upon our heads, friends are friends forever, to drama queens and movie screens! I love you and I am glad God made you! I love you sister!


You will never know what a gift you are to me! My life would not be the same without you. I never knew it was possible to share the bond the two of us have. I admire you so much, and you've taught me a lot about trusting and believing God. You are a living example of what it means to walk by faith and not by sight The love within your heart could truly transform the whole world! You show such courage even in the darkest times. You beauty unfolds more with each day that passes! I love how you speak the truth to me. I love how you express the bold personality God has given you. I love the way you reach out to others and desire to love the Lord with all you are! I love our beth More pizza parties and our inside jokes! I love our fun addictions I love your joy for life, and most of all I love you and am so glad God made you, and uses you to show me what abundant life really means! Okay enough cheese more soon!

Jer. 1:5 Ps. 139 in honor of those above... I encourage you to drink it in!