The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Monday, June 01, 2009

Covered by His Blood Warfare, and waiting!

Hello There:

       I am still in the blogging world!  Hope you guys are well!  I apologize for my absence from your blogs and my own.  You may have heard me say before that I've had some battles with depression/anxiety.   While I only had a few blue days this time, it was kind of  disappointing after the progress the Lord has given to me.  This time was different, I felt it was more spiritual attack than anything else.  I know it is not popular to say in this culture that there is Spiritual Warfare, but after speaking with my pastor and one person I greatly trust, I am convinced that it is biblical to believe spiritual warfare is in fact a real thing!  Please don't misunderstand, I don't mean I am demon possessed or anything.  In fact, I want to remind all that Greater is He that is in us than one who is in the world.  Paraphrase of 1 John 4:4  You see to be frank I let my guard down spiritually.  I got lazy and indifferent, apathetic.What I really got too comfortable, and it began to cause me to be prone to attack, but in recent days I have been reminded that Christ has secured the victory for me!  His blood covers me, and therefore God's eternal judgement passes over me, because my soul is covered by the blood of Christ!!!!!!!!!!   Wow!  What would it be like if we truly took hold of that truth!    

      I have been waiting for some time for God to restore a broken realtionship in my life.  I want something to happen, but clearly has  said to me you are to wait and pray.  My response has been Lord I'm tired of waiting and praying for something to change, but the truth is, I am called first to obey, and trust God has heard my prayer and will act in His time!   Are you tired of living an unfulfilled dream, or tired of waiting for God's healing hand?  If you are, I hope like me you will pour out your heart to your Abba Father, and ask him for hope and comfort as you wait upon our Great and Mighty God!!!!