The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Mom made it through her 7 hour surgery Monday. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! HERE IS TODAY'S UPDATE THANKS!

Hello All:

I apologize for the delay, today is the first day that I’ve been home for any length of time. Mom went to her own room yesterday. Yesterday was not a good day for mom. The first night she had tingling and numbness in her legs which is a side effect one of the medicines in her epidural, so they were not able to get her up yesterday due to that, and low BP. They changed her med, so that problem was solved. Praise God. Yesterday when I saw her she was very confused, but this of course is very natural for the amount of meds she has had, but glory, I’m so thankful she has meds! Yesterday her nurse commented about how mom has not complained one time about anything. I smiled and quickly said, no she never has been one to complain, at least not on the outside. That is God’s power and grace, and evidence of your prayers and her faith. Today mom had a rough morning with nausea and pain, but she has had a better afternoon. Last night she slept well until about 4:30, when her pain meds were nearly out, and after that she slept until 7:00 AM. She still does not talk much which is totally understandable, but she is more alert. She requested her cell phone, and to stay by herself tonight. They are still suppose to get her up out of bed tonight, and we all dread it for her, but know it must be done. I have not seen her today, but tomorrow after my shift at AAA I will spend the evening with her, and I look forward to seeing her improvements since last night. Most of the family ate dinner together at the hospital last night, and we will have funny stories to tell mom when she comes home Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!