The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Monday, December 27, 2010

First Paper Plate Christmas & Snow too!

Christmas Eve @ Mumzie's

The Mantle with all the Christmas Cards and stockings.

Christmas Eve Table Decor

Hanging out with Jocelyn she has grown up so much this year!

If she can't open it yet, might as well get her picture made on it right

I know the amount of presents for 12 people is ridiculous, it use to worse before we started drawing names!  

My Bro!


Mumzie being the hostess of the Mostest

Jocelyn "um I know it isn't my gift, but I like it"

Brady posing 

Aunt Margaret loves gift giving!

Nice sweater Jack!

Jack in his "OWN chair

The snuggly I bought myself because the fam made fun. 

We woke up Christmas Day to a "winter wonderland"

We had our First ever White and paper plate Christmas, and I loved it!  If you know my family nothing is ever done simple, but I love it both ways.

Macy and her Stocking1

tasty Macy!