The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Ride the Wave!


    Hello Bloggers

         Wow I have so much catching up to do!  First, I'll never get it in with one post...   I've stayed away because it seems I have so to share and process that I don't where to begin!  Last Saturday, I went to my 9 thMichael W Smith concert!  You may remember that in 2010 God blessed with the gift of attending a fundraiser @ his home.  This concert proceeds went to the Y-CAP program of Chattanooga!  Info here  Guess what thanks to some amazing friends, I got to see him again and he said I know you and hugged me in whole line full of people!  I wrote him a letter, and he put it in his pocket, and at the end of the concert he waved and pointed!  I also bumped into some other VIPs that night too....  Amy Grant was Great, and Weston Wamp(son of local congressman Zach Wamp   A client recently told me "she was glad I helped her "keep" her baby, and she didn't think she could have done it alone!"  Things like these have the finger prints all over it, but wait I"m not done yet!  We have the same van for 11 years, and God provided us with a 2006 Van this week, so that I can sit in the passenger spot, and see out the window!  Cool, huh?

    I read the story of how both Abraham and Issac feared they would be killed if the people of the land knew they were the husbands of Sarah and of Rebekah who were both beautiful.  Even though they had trusted God in the past, they allowed irrational fear to hinder God's desire to increase their faith.  Have you ever done the same?  Sometimes when everything in life is smooth for a season, my irrational fear sets in, and I think at any moment the tide could turn, instead of just enjoying the blessing of the ride!   Can you relate?  God is oh so loving!