The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, March 19, 2010

Can You Count?


First, thank you Beth & Dee for your compassionate responses. The Lord knows his plans for me, and He is worthy of my trust and praises!
The Lord is never late... I am counting a few of my TONS of blessings today! Want to come along?
1. God has healed my mom numerous times and provided for me!
2. I was able to sit in the sun today.
3. The Lord uses music to make me smile!
4. People pray for me often.
5.I have the most loyal friends.
6. I have a bed, and clean drinking water.
7. The Lord forgives me constantly.
8. I have a van with a lift
9. The Lord is teaching me new things
10. I have a nice morning caregiveer.
11 Macy is staying here, even though my brother is moving out.
12 Today is a pain free illness free day!
13. The weekend is here.
14. I am loved.
15. Crossing paths with old friends.
16 Fun time
17. Victory is mine.
18. Easter is coming.
19. Heaven awaits me.
20 The ability to laugh.

God cares... He cares about me, and he cares about you! He knows me, and He still accepts me! God covers me in righteousness! His eyes are on me, and His eyes are on you! The Lord knows how to rescuse me, and that is what he has done not only for me, but so many of his children! Every blessing comes from His hand!