The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, May 09, 2008

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pointing to What or Who?

Hi Friends,

It is about time I posted huh? Where to start.... AAA's Walk for life went great! My total to date is about 440$ It was a sunny day. God blew me away! I am loving working with AAA more all the time. I love talking to the clients and caring about them. God has enabled me to place myself in their shoes and imagine where they are, and what they must be feeling. Then, after that we had my family birthday dinner, which was steak and shrimp. I got a flat screen TV. I am really loving it! Then on that Tues the 29Th, my actual birthday, my mom took me out for Mexican, another thing I love! Then, my dear friend Michelle made me an amazing Ice cream cake! Again I loved that! Most of all I love how many cards and calls I got from people I love! I sensed the love of God !

So what about my Title? I was reading today in John. I read about how John said he was sent to prepare the way for Jesus the Messiah. John knew his place, and he was content to be the one to point others to Jesus, and not himself! He knew he could not be their savior nor did he want to be, but he did desire to point them to the one true Savior! Jenn is teaching me that witnessing is about relationships and I am reminded that every day is a chance to be a witness even to fellow believers. I need to be witnessing to others, simply telling them what Jesus has done for me, and what he wants to do for them! What or who are we pointing them too? Col. 4:5 check it out!

Now, I am so excited about a movie coming out this fall starring Kirk Cameron. Find out more It is from the creators of Facing the Giants!