The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yes, that is me with Karen Kingsbury, an unexpected gift from God I sure don't deserve! Please pray for Steven Curtis Chapman, this man is hurting a great deal as the anniversary of the death of his daughter draws nearer

Mom and I @ Women of Joy out at lunch...

Jenn and I @ Women of Joy
I will try to post some video at some point, but it was taking far too long too upload. Yes, Michael W. was there! I'm going to post some thoughts I began early, but could not post them when I was trying to upload the video earlier.
Thoughts I began earlier:
I know you guys must think I have forsaken the blogging world, but rest assured I have not. I spent time reflecting over Easter about how if there were no cross there would be no empty tomb, and if no empty tomb then, there would be no Savior, and if there is no Savior then I/we have no hope. No hope of forgiveness, No hope of Life here or in heaven! Without Jesus death and Resurrection there is no victory. There is truly no hope at all! This past weekend I went to the Women of Joy conference in Serveille TN with my mom mom and some wonderful friends and I would like to share some of the memories with you all through photos In the mean time, you should know I've found a new love. I have discovered Ephesians. Yes, for crying out I've read it before, but it is as though my eyes are seeing it for the first time! I would encourage you to slowly and prayerfully read it some time. In Chapter 1 it lets us know we are adopted by God through Jesus Christ, and the total motivation behind this adoption is God's love for us! The purpose of this adoption is to bring praise to God's glory, We can never add anything to, or take away from God's glory, His glory does not change, but We can bring him praise! I think it is coolest thing to know that We can give the God of the whole universe something, we can give God praise! Then in Eph. 1:7 we know that through the blood of Christ, we are forgiven, are being forgiven and will be forgiven! Then, if you flip over to Chapter 2, the heading is Made Alive in Christ! Let me stop here, and offer a disclaimer. I will not debate issues of predestination, I"m wresting with these matters myself, and likely will for the rest of my natural life, so I am not allowing myself to get bogged by this concept, to the point that I miss the reality hope and wonder of the gospel message! In Chapter 2, God through Paul, explains that we were dead in sin, but I'm so glad there is a but... God because of his great love and mercy for us made us Alive in Christ! I don't know about you sometimes I don't react as one who has been made alive, and yet God says because you are mine, you are alive! YOU ARE ALIVE, BECAUSE JESUS IS ALIVE! My friend Jenn has this phrase "I'm coming Alive" I don't think that means we are to be "up all the time" but from my limited knowledge, we can live more in the reality of Jesus is alive, and know that because He is alive, we too can forever live, not just in heaven, but even now!