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The Blogger Herself

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Must! Thanksgiving Part II

Please ask permission if you wish to use this in part or in whole. Thank you!

I Must
T.J. Ellis
November 27, 2008

I must tell of your marvelous beauty
I must sing of your greatness
I must praise your awesome name!
I must proclaim how wonderful you are!
I must declare that You are eternal
I must be a reflection of your mercy,
I must be a reminder of your grace
Your melody is stirring inside of me!
Your glory is so wide,
Your wisdom so high!
You have always been and you forever will be!
I must not remain silent about what an amazing Savior you are!
How can I express something I can never comprehend?
I must shout to the world I would give up without you!
It’s only because of you that I’m still here.
You have revived me so many times.
You have held me while I cried.
You have healed my scars
You have delivered me from the darkness within my heart
You have broken the chains of my self hatred and pride.
You have spared the one I love.
I must tell everyone I know
That you died on a cross
Now you are alive!
I must show them why you came
I must announce your wonders and love today!

© 2008