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Saturday, July 28, 2012

She Speaks Recap and dipping my toe in the water

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Lysa TerKeurst Author/Speaker  

Author/ Speaker

Sharon Glasgow

                                            My Speaking Eval.Leader

                                                It looks pretty but so not a fan of mayo...
                                                              This was my Manna from above!
Rich, Rich Rich!

Author/ Speaker Liz Curtis Higgs by far the funniest most comedic down to earth woman I've ever met! 

         Let me began by saying that while it may appear that all I did @ She Speaks was meet big time authors and speakers this is very far from true.  Many of you are probably expecting to make some big announcement about writing a book or speaking to people.   I learned a TON about the ins and out of writing and speaking.  I met lots of people from nearly every cultural background one could imagine!   Yes I said culture not state The life lessons I learned were just as apparent as all the meat and Potato ones.    I learned that I am a writer, and I love it!  I am a writer now, not later when I'm published but now.  I learned I like to speak, but I love to write!     God has given me a message that is uniquely mine, though I am still discovering what that looks like.  I found out that I'm very introspective, and though I love people, contrary to popular opinion I don't enjoy being the center of attention, and that's okay.    It was like a crash course in college, but you only have to learn subjects that interest you.  Jenn and I had a great traveling together!  It was such a gift she gave me in Our Lord.    I enjoyed all of it, but the first night I had a "freak out, after one of the speakers talked about all the physical things a speaker should do while delivering a message, like breathe properly move around on stage, and I panicked.  It took me almost the rest of the night to get over my feelings of inadequacy, but once I did I was able to fully embrace the rest of the weekend and lot go of my fear.  Thanks for your prayers!  I'm excited about what is waiting for me.  Here are few things I am learning....
  • I am a gifted communicator- I say that with both shock and excitement!   
  • I need to use my gifts.
  • I don't have to be someone else to be effective.
  • Perspective Matters
  • I am a picky eater, and I'm okay with that
  • Prayer and writing are never a waste of time for me, if it is time directed by the Lord!  
  • I love to laugh!  
  • I can take risks when it counts. 
The trip is a gift I will cherish!  Special thanks to Jenn Hand and all who helped make the trip possible!    i RECEIVED wonderful constructive feedback!  There was much laughter!
Tell me what you are in the process of learning about right now?