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The Blogger Herself

Friday, May 31, 2013

Have you Found Your Voice Yet?

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           The image above may seem slightly humanistic to some for me, that isn't it's meaning.  I remember a little boy who wrote a book called heart-songs before passing away of an incurable illness.  I''m learning that God has entrusted me with my own voice. By the way, you know I don't mean the singing kind of voice right?  Lately, It has been  a struggle to really find the voice I have been entrusted with, instead of submitting myself to the molding of the voice God designed for another person.  If you have ever seen the TV show "the Voice," then you know often the judges will say find your own style make the song your own.  As Christians, we may find ourselves coveting or trying to copy someone  else in their God ordained path, trying to mimic other people's talent's or gifts.  I was reminded today God is not stingy in the area of his gift giving!  We need to look no further than Christ's death on the cross to see that.  We can fall into at least two traps.

One- We may see our voice and gifts and talents as inferior to others.  There are times when I feel my voice and gifts are lacking, and  inferior by comparing, and what an insult and disrespect it must bring to my Creator.  Comparison is the key word here...  Two, there are times when I/we pridefully think our gifts and talents are superior to others.  Here is sure sign we might be doing this- if we dismiss or put down the gifts, skills, and talents or become irritated with others: when their voice does not match ours.  It might be in subtle ways.   Another example, might be this is the way I am, and I don't need to examine my flaws.  I am reminded of this, when I am not willing to adjust to my new mattress, and refuse to stop sleeping on the other one, because its uncomfortable to my body.  it has been months since I got the new one.  Likewise, spiritually, I can be resistant to change, and sometimes miss the chance to grow.  Both these choices, inferiority and superiority are displeasing to God.I am guilty of both sinful perspectives.   God wants us to accept the gifts, entrusted not only to us, but to accept both the voice and gifts gives others too. For example, my God given way of viewing life, is through a heart of mercy.  It flows out in ways, I don't notice.  My mom's heart and voice exude faith and giving practical hands on service, as well as making the world a more beautiful place with her creative crafts.   All these gifts come from the Father's hand, and reflect the Father's Heart.     Where are you in the process of using your God given given voice and gifts? 
 "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10  It cannot become any clearer than this verse.  
Now for those of you still with me, I'n a day late, but I'm excited to link up with the coming alive party @ Jenn's blog
What made me come alive this week:

  1. Loving on people who hurt
  2. Seeing God work in and through me.
  3. Church last Sunday
  4. Dinner with friends and ice cream with my mom.
  5. Sunshine and summer weather.
  6. Seeing God work on my behalf 
  7. Mom's laughter.