The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, April 23, 2010


Future TN Govenor/current TN CONGRESSMEN, ZACH WAMP!!!
Bo Davidson Actor on Bold & Beautiful/singer

Debbie Smith.... Wonderful lady.

Smitty and me!

I will explain how all this happened at some point, but for now I hope you enjoy what I wrote about my Cinderalla trip.

Some of you have kindly inquired about my trip to the Franklin TN for the Zach Wamp fundraiser at the home of Michael W. Smith and his wife Debbie. I still can't really believe it. I feel like it was a dream, but it wasn't it was real. We got there very early because we were not sure how to get my chair in. The gate opened right up. No pass code or anything. They live on a massive hill, a friend of theirs came to the van to say hello. Their 2 dogs’ one a beagle and another golden came to meet us. Copper and Kail. They also have a cat, but I didn't see her. We went up the big hill and through the bushes onto the side walk using ramps. We were not sure which entrance to take. Because there was a giant serving table in the path of one of the entrances. We waited not sure what to do, and I noticed a young girl who I still believe is Michael's youngest daughter Anna trying to get one of their dog's on a leash, but I didn't have the courage to ask her. A few minutes later an older man came over to us, and showed us a more level entrance. I had a hunch he was there Pastor because I had seen photos of him, but again I didn’t dare ask. We thanked him very much! We still weren’t sure if it was too early to go in, so we hesitated. Suddenly I noticed a figure at the door and I was sure my eyes were playing tricks on me. No, there he was dressed in a suit which I personally believe is out of his comfort. He came to the door, and said hey so glad you came, did you have any trouble getting in here? I flashed the best smile I could trying not to seem too eager He took my hand and said great to see you come on in! We went into the living room, and I knew his wife Debbie as soon as I saw. I thanked her for having us, and asked her it was okay if I hugged her, I know bold move, but I was overcome with respect for her. Some time later Kim Wamp came over to my friend Jerry, and he introduced us. She was polite and classy. CONGRESSMEN soon to be Governor Wamp soon followed. He was kind, and not at all stand offish. Jerry told him I volunteered with Choices and his face lit up, and he said something like that is wonderful, We Tennesseans are proud to defend the cause of all live aren’t we? The next thing I know he gave me a kiss on the forehand and check, I watched as some people got their fundraiser photos with Zach and Smitty next to the fireplace. I was not envious, at all, I was loving watching them move, and imagining what they said, and noticing little details about the house to be continued soon! In Part 2!
Zach Wamp Fundraiser Part 2…. . Also sorry so long! We didn’t eat anything at Smitty’s house. It wasn’t for lack of food. There was plenty of it! I was surprised by how calm I was. Remember I told you earlier that an older man showed us how to enter into the house, and how I said I thought He was their Pastor? He later introduced himself Don Finto I never mentioned that I knew he was their Pastor, but I told my friends Debbie and Jerry later. We met Harold and Lil Coker of Coker tires. I was thirsty, so mom got me a bottle of water. I guess I was expecting disani, and figured if I am a water snob they would be too. I guess not, since it was aquafina. Let me just tell you Zach Wamp’s son Weston is at least 4 years younger than me, but If I he didn’t have a lovely girlfriend I would so chase him down! Later, they asked everyone to move outside on the deck for the speech and performance. I got pretty close, and we waited and watch as people mingled a little more. I noticed that Michael seemed to move quickly as if he were almost running or pacing. I love there deck, I think from what I saw it was my favorite. There were photos of their family in every single room in every corner I saw. Smitty brought his Keyboard onto the deck, no one helped, like at a concert where he would have setup crew. Zach Wamp began his speech by thanking Michael and Debbie for hosting, but before that Pastor Don Finto led a prayer. Zach referred to Michael and Deb as the REAL DEAL, and I could not say it better! He then talked about how Monday had been a bittersweet, because of the rally, but bitter, because that same day he attended the funeral of a fallen Chattanooga Solider Jonathan Hall. His family has been long time supporters of Zach Wamp’s. I’ll attempt to post this soon. He then talked about how the US is a democratic republic. How our forefathers had every intention of government having a limited role in over lives, and they would roll over in their graves, if they could see the level of control and abuse there is now. He talked about education and how important it is that real education begin at home, how early reading needs to begin in early childhood education, and that the must be invested as well as effort early, and the program he wishes to implement as TN Governor. He talked about how he has the clearest vision for TN, and reminded us that the Bible says without vision my people will perish. He talked about how if everyone told one person about the vision, and then that person told their friends, then it is possible to make this vision/mission a reality. He talked about making TN a healthy state, thus lowering health costs as so much of what we spend on healthcare is preventable, with healthy living and education. He was humble, sincere, passionate and seemed to have an idea of the difficulty that Then Smitty sang a new song called welcome Home in memory of Jonathan Hall. It was about the angels singing when someone enters heaven. Then I guess you would say Zach Wamp’s campaign person Mark talked Smitty into singing friends, and then future governor Wamp asked him to sing one more song, and he sang a new song in honor of his wife Debbie. After that Mark can’t remember issued a real plea for further support of Zach Wamp, and they officially concluded. People were everywhere. Debbie Smith was asked by my friend Debbie Hightower, if she would have her picture taken with me, with my friend Jerry’s camera, she agreed. I apologized, and explained what an inspiration she and her husband had been to me over the years. She seemed pleased. Oh I forgot earlier in the night, Zach Wamp’s Photographer took a photo of me with Bold and Beautiful star Bo Davidson. Later, my friends asked Michael if he would be willing to take a picture with me, and he did. He seemed more stressed than the times I have seen before, but he still glowed with love and compassion. I loved having the photo taken, but I felt different this time. I thought about how weary he must often feel being in the spotlight all the time. People always wanting a piece of him, and I thought God it is only because of you he has made it, and is still standing. I thought about how blessed I am to have amazing friends like Debbie and Jerry and others. I thought about how much I love my mom, and how much I hope she knows how much she means to me. How amazing she is. I am amazed she would take me, all the while knowing she had to work the next day. I became overwhelmed with the reality of this gift God gave me, not just the trip, or going to the Smith’s house, or meeting Zach Wamp, but the gift of his grace. I did nothing to deserve this trip, or the life I have, but God has granted me His favor. I did nothing to deserve Salvation, but he gave the gift, I’ve spent a lot of my life, trying to be worthy of God’s love and grace, trying to perform for people, and I guess that why I’m so drawn to Smitty. He too seemed to be in bondage, for years based on his testimony, and then he was hit in the face with reality that God is his Abba Father and he is loved and fully accepted. I pray someday that reality would be real to me He has something I long for. Yes, we are both believers, but he knows who he is, and he knows to whom he belongs! It has freed him. It has freed him to forget himself and love others. You would think after 20 years as a Christian, I would know the same, but it is struggle for me. I am learning growing in grace, but I still have a long way to go. I’m so thankful God hasn’t given up on me. Okay, back to the last 2 stories. Zach Wamp came by, and my friend Debbie asked, if I could have my picture taken with him. He eagerly agreed. I told him I was delighted to get a picture with my next governor! He smiled kissed me on the check, and thanks to my amazing devoted we made our way back in the dark through the shrubs down the ramp, on to the sidewalk down the driveway. Very SPEAICAL THANKS TO JERRY AND DEBBIE HIGHTOWER, I AM BEYOND BELESSED TO HAVE FRIENDS LIKE YOU WITH SUCH LOVE IN YOUR HEARTS! I LOVE YOU ALL. THANK YOU MOM! YOU REALLY ARE THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD! I WOULD STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO Those of you who know me well, know I love politics, and that I vote not based on parties, but on overall package, and personal convictions. If you have questions about that you can contact me, I will be honest as I can I’m still learning. Voting is your choice, and I would never ask anyone to vote for someone without searching for yourself, as it is your personal a right and responsibility. It is yours and yours alone, and no should or can take away your voice, that is the gift we have in America! If you made it this far thanks you for reading this lengthy epic fairytale.