The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Monday, July 05, 2010


Our family had a great July 4th!  So grateful for the freedom we have here in America and those who have fought and are fighting for it!  Hope you enjoy these pics and hopefully adorable video! SORRY ADORABLE VIDEO WOULD NOT LOAD GRR!
I ate everything but the sausage, I have never been into sausage.
                                                         Shrimp Boil this is for sure one of our more southern 4th of July gatherings.

My brother and cousin Brady watching spongebob.First 4th of July Mom has been well in 2 years!  4 year old Jocelyn took this great picture!Brady said this table cloth was not pretty because it did not have flowers.

My aunt and Uncle's beautiful property.

The Kids had fun in Bill's "Land cruiser" Note Bill is the one in the driver's seat.

Jack wants to play with the "big Kids" aka the adults.  Sorry Pic upside down.

Mom's July 4th Pedicure!

I'm not even gonna lie, I love fireworks, but I HATE FIRE AS IN I'M SCARED TO DEATH OF IT!  So I was a nervous wreck as their parents let them do a few fireworks, closely supervised I might add.

Holding my breath and my tongue. 

By far not my best pic but, there have been worse lol
I confess I ate way too much homemade ice cream. 

Macy was glad we came home, the fireworks scared her.