The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Monday, July 19, 2010

The BIBLE What you got to say about it?

Hello gang:

       So I want to ask you a question, and I don't want a Sunday school answer.  You of course don't have to tell me your answer, but think and answer for yourself....  When you think of an adjective that describes how you personally feel about the Bible what comes to mind.  To be honest it often depends on the season I'm in.  Sometimes the Bible brings me great comfort. sometimes it confronts me with sin, while other times it brings me amazing courage.  Other times it provides me with wisdom and teaches.  Lately though I've been bored.  Yes, that right I have been bored with the greatest book ever written.  How can I write that about the words of THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD?  Please don't hear me saying the Bible is boring it is NOT BORING!  GOD'S WORD PROVES OVER AND OVER TO BE MORE RELEVANT THAN ANY BOOK ON ANY BOOKSHELF IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!   So how can I tell you that I've bored with the Bible?  The issue is not with the accuracy or relevance of God's truths, the problem is on my end of things.  I often concern myself too much with taking scripture out of the proper context, and making it too much my own, and yet I want very much to learn to apply biblical truths to my own life.  It hit me to today how important it is to know that God and his words are supernatural!-Meaning that his words never wear out.  There are always richer and deeper applications beyond the surface!  I want to love and delight in the words and truths of God.  I discovered today that this happens as the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, in partnership with my natural willingness or rather new nature to open the Bible and read and study God's word.  The truth is the word study in any context brings negative images to my mind.   So these are some things, I'm going to do in effort to better delight in God's word, and I want to share these with you.
1.Pray God opens my eyes to discover new ways to apply his words.
2. Use different translations to avoid excess familiarity. 
3. Memorize biblical truths and promises
4.  Rely upon the Holy Spirit to increase my love, delight  and understanding of the Bible.

Ps. 119:18
"Open my eyes that I may see
wonderful things in your law."
Now, how about you tell me what you find that further deepends your love for God's amazing word!  Image from: 
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