The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The More the Merrier! From 4 to 6!

Our Butterball Turkey

Mom set the Table

Brady has discovered the art of funny Faces!

Can't believe he stood still to take a real picture

I think that is the stay in your seat and behave look.

What you doin?

Funny face again!

My name is Jack, and I love trains!

In this picture, you would not know it, but Cousin Bill works hard!

We love Mumize's cooking!

Brady is going break hearts some day!  Sorry Photo is turned wrong
Normally there are just 4 of us for Thanksgiving, as all the extended family goes to WV, but this year cousin Bill & his wife Mandy, and their two boys spent Thanksgiving with us!  It was all the richer with them here!  Thanks guys we love you!  Also, see my previous post for 100 reasons I'm thankful!  There are more pics, but I could not post them all!  Happy Thanksgiving Bloggy Friends!  Sorry some how this blog became non-public for 24 hours.  Don't know how that happened!