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The Blogger Herself

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Setback with Mom, but she is improving!

August 26th
This is T.J. Mom had to return to the hosptial last night, because she was very sick, and was having a high fever. It turns out she has an infection in the lymph nodes of the incesion in her leg, but she does not have feeling there, so she did not know. They drained a lot of fluid today, and she sounds better today. They are giving her lots of meds. Sorry I have not updated sooner, but I've had a bug, and been out of it. Thanks for your prayers!

T.J. M'S daughter
Friday, August 28, 2009 3:27 PM, EDT


Mom came home from the hospital late last night She is doing very well. She is eating well, and up and moving about though this takes great effort. She wanted me to tell you that she already has fluid building up, one of the doctors said they may have to go back in surgically to insert a tube, in order for the fluid to drain as it should. They are going to try and hold off on that until next Friday to see if this will be needed, because that is when her next appointment is. It may have to be done sooner, if the fluid does not drain properly. It is my understanding that too much fluid in her leg can cause infection, especially since she does not have feeling her upper leg, where they did surgery. So we would ask for your prayers in this matter, but this is a far more common problem than the previous ones she has endured. Mom and I have sat face to face today, and been able to chat which is such a gift from God! She is alert! Please don't misunderstand, she does tire easily, of course, but she at this point very improved and we praise God! I am hopeful this is a real turning point! Again, her appointment is Sept. 4Th. Thank you for your prayers and loving support!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of our Mom!
T.J. on Madeline's behalf)

Hi Gang! I know you are probably ready for some posts that don't involve Mom's health, but since you all are praying, I still need to post these for awhile! thanks for bearing with me!