The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Thursday, January 01, 2015

What's the Big deal about New Year's? 2014 recap

My first and best trip to Cheddar:s with a great Friend was in 2014....  Interesting....   
Summer 2014 Faulkner Family Reunion 
Baby Shower for Kim and Cameron!
Jennifer Hand's book signing.Me stamping my name, as Jenn featured a few of my devotionals in her book.

Most people who interact with me on Facebook and in real life know my mom had very serious surgery on November 22nd 2014.  She is recovering, and the surgery went as well as could be expected.  Praise The Lord!  She has had many ups and downs in recent months.  Life has been somewhat chaotic since November.  As a result, I have not blogged or written in any public forum other than my mom's caringbridge page since October.  I cannot relive such events, except to shout from the roof tops, God is who He promises to be!  Before I move on to the reason for my post, I want to thank you for your ongoing prayers for mom and the family.  To follow mom's  journey you can visit:  Mom's journey

As we are now into the year 2015, I want to recall some of the blessed moments of last year, and share a word regarding this New Year...

2014 Vacation to Fort Walton 
My 31st Birthday....

              2014 had some great moments....  It had funny moments, It was happy, silly, crazy, and hard sad moments. As we embrace 2015, none of us can really know what will happen in the coming year.   As a Christian, there are a few things I do know.. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."  ECC. 1:9.  I also know however, that by entrancing the Gospel we can rest assured we have access to God's mercies,not only in light of a new year, but every moment of our lives!  See Lam. 3;23.  While the troubles of 2014 won't just magically be erased, because it is a New Year.,There is a great God who will sustain us and gives us a fresh with every moment.  The truth is some of this year will be the same as last year. Portions of this year will be new, but whatever this year is, or isn't God is already there!!!