The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, September 09, 2011

Reasons for Joy Friday/pics and survey!

  • Happy Joyful Friday:
  • I am joyful that on Sunday I got to hang out with my 5 yr old cousin we talked and played.
  • I am joyful for a new Choices Email that will make my work easier.
  • I am joyful to have no set plans this weekend.  
  • I'm joyful because I got a sweet note from someone at church
  • I'm joyful for a divine appointment at work
  • I'm joyful that my favorite prime time show will start back in September.
  • I'm joyful that I got to talk to a friend, I have not talked in several weeks
  • I am Joyful that Bible study starts Monday, and that someone else is leading this 6 weeks
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Here are some fun pics with my cousin at our sleepover!  What would a sleepover be without painted nails?

Um must you take my picture???

Ok I'''ll smile for this one!

  I don't like the picture, but I am pretty happy here.

And a survey about me......

Yup its time for another round of thirty facts and you have been tagged. (. Put down thirty random facts about yourself then tag 15 people. AAAANNNDDDDDD GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
1. I am a Christian
2. I love Cheez-it Crakers
3. I have been to an MCHammer concert
4. I am witty
5. I am moody
6. I'm not much of a fantic about anything except Michael W Smith, and Beverly Hills 90210
7. I despise barbque pork
8. I don't like anyone running for President so far.
9. I love meaningful conversation
10. I love watching cartoons, now, but hated it as a kid.
11. I wanted to be a pastor's wife at one point, but thought I could never be spiritually mature enough..
12. I throw up, when I get too excited
13. I have a sense of humor, but most people don't get it.
14. I have a naugthy side to my personailty
15. I hate gossip, and fear being one, one day
16. My biggest concern right now is being a disappointment to the people I love
17. I check my e-mail constantly, if I'm in town
18. When I am mad at someone, I rarelly tell them until much later
19. I love the smell of finger nail Polish, Remover, Windex, and Pine sol.  
20. I sometimes wish I never started watching soaps.
21. My dream job is to be a published author motvational speaker
22. I always wished I had joined the debate team.
23. I almost got in a fight with a woman who hit, not spanked but hit her child in fornt of me
24. I hate confrtation for any reason.
25. I love Denzel Washington!  
26. I want to mentor teen girls one day
27. I love supporting chairtes, and thats the only reason, a paying job would be meaningful.
28. I  drank too much grape sparkle one New years and gotten sick
29. I would love to have my own beach house.
30. I respect men, but don't want to get too close to any at the moment, and don't expect too.