The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Sometimes I wonder why I post, but it is enjoyable to me and I am thankful to those who do read. Last night''s training was exciting. This week is VBS with our church. My mom and brother are volunteering. I had a good devotional time today, though I am not sure I can express my reflections right now, but I can say it is comforting to me to know God can use even my failures to bring him glory, because he can take even bad things, and turn them into something good. I think these last two years have been preparing for something big. I was reminded that 2 things to cause sin, one is satan, and second our own desires. These two things coupled together are where sin formulates. God does not tempt us. (See James 1:13) Everything good comes from God. I was also reminded that Jesus was not exempt from temptation. Also while we need to be sorrowful over our sin, we don't need to hopelessly dwell or despair our sins, which in the past I have done. I have been using Beth Moore Study of Daniel. Ps. 130:7 was a helpful verse to me. I don't have my bible with me right now.

I have mixed feelings today, missing the beach though glad to be home. If you are reading this leave me a comment if you want. Let me know how to improve this blog. Thanks!

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