The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Video for Jenn! Starring Michelle Katy G, and T.J.

This is a special video for Jenn Hand! Staring Michelle Humbert, Katy Gibson and T.J. Ellis. My email would not let me send it to you. They will probably kill me for putting it up, we made it in September but like I said it would not email Make sure to read the post prior to the viedo too guys! Love y'all


Michelle said...

I sure do have on a bright shirt...just in case you miss my beautiful singing, you just have to check out the shirt:)
I hope my future child does not see this, they will be embarressed of their momma...hehhe....I am one crazy girlie. I love you dearie, and I miss you1

Kat/Whit said...

You three make me smile! lol. Love you!

Jenn said...

i love this video.. i am so sorry that i am just now able to comment but i have been unable to look at it so i wanted to be sure to get it open before i commented. I loved it. It just made my day. Can I just say i have searched the world over and i know that i truly have the best friends in the whole wide world. i love you guys so much and i loved the crazy video.. you guys will have to make some more of thoese for sure