The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, June 20, 2008

I've been tagged, but...

I will answer the survey, but after that I will post another post, because I have other things to post about too.

1. What was I doing ten years ago. High school... Probably thinking life was a big deal. Getting over a hip surgery. Hanging out at ChurchCoffeeHouse.
2 What's on my to do list today? write letters,, Make a call for AAA, Journal, catch up on e-mail, read the shack, pray some more and call Sandra.
Snacks I enjoy:
3. graham crackers, Mexican Cheese dip and chips, Cheez-it crackers, Anything sweet and bad for me.
Places I've lived: Daytona Beach, Chattanooga TN. In the womb, and the hospital as a baby for a while.
4.What would I do if I were a billionare? Find a cure for cancer, AIDS, Depression., and other illnesses. I would give money to the church, buy a whirlpool for mom and me. Take my family and friends to Hawaii.
5. People I want to know more about: Denzel Washington, My brother, Kirk Cameron, Joni Erickison Tada, David Ring.
6. Two things I have in common with Oprah? We are both misunderstood, We both can act like "know it all's"
7. You can tell a lot about a person by: How they welcome people who are new., their tone of voice.
8. Are you a yeller when you get angry? Not often, I have to be really made for a long time to yell.
9. Have you ever danced in public? Does a poll count? If I did you would hear about it.
10. What did I do to get my first detention? I didn't ever have that, but I got in trouble for leaving group without permission to leave.
11. Name 3 things about the town you live in: my church, my family is here, and its in the south, but not so much that it annoys me.
12. Name something unusual you carry wherever you go: I hope love.
13. My favorite website: right now...
14. What would my enemy say about me? I'm needy
15. Favorite childhood memories, Christmases, When my brother and I played as kids. Anything with my cousin Bill.
16. Not sure... I think God has is taking those away!
Now I'm told to tag people!

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