The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, October 10, 2008

Whoa, Baby!

This adorable baby boy is my friend's son Alex. Michelle is great mom to Alex! It will be so much fun to watch him grow up. He did not like getting his picture made at first, but he warmed up to the idea, once he saw the camera flash. He is a very alert baby for his age. Thanks for bringing him to visit Michelle! How precious is God's creation!


lookuptoday said...

Hi, glad to see you back. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I'm not a poet,lol,but on occassion these little snippets pop into my head, especially when i am tired. What a cute liitle fella. There is nothing more precious than the feel and touch of a new born.:) Dee

Jenn said...

i love that little man. and I love you!!