The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bloggers I am home lol! Thank you all!

This Blogger is back in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging thoughts as I prepared for the ladies day at my church! God poured his blessings out like you would not imagine! I am still in awe, what a trying and yet rewarding process this has been!!!!!!!!!!!
I can hardly wait to share with you. For now though I just came to say thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To those who read my blogs even as inconsistent as the time frame is! I thank you. I thank the Lord that he can bring the body of Christ together even through blogging!


Glenda, saved by grace said...

well its about time girlfriend!!!
Welcome back :)

Washer Mom Val said...

Look forward to your sharing. Welcome back sister in Christ.