The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another update on mom.... tough one for her...

Hi Everyone:

Mom has not had a good day. She has not been comfortable whatever position she is in. She has had some nagging, but normal problems that go along with adjusting to life with a colostomy bag. I can tell she really wants to be able to do things, but her body will not allow it. The process of waiting has never been easy for mom, but she is being better about it than most people would be. She will get her staples out Tuesday. I know she wants to update for you all herself, but of course is just not feeling well enough yet. She enjoys your comments. She has numbness in the top of her leg, which doctors say could be short term or long term. The doctors told her this could be a possibility. God is faithful! Thank you for all you done. Please pray the healing process will go by fast for mom. You know how positive mom is; please pray with me that God would give her strength as she recovers. That God would protect her against discouragement. I’m asking him to give her grace for each moment. That she would feel free to vent in the tough times, and receive understanding. We are so proud of her. It is more than understandable that this process would be frustrating for her. She is laying in my bed in hopes that my hospital bed will be more comfortable. Thanks for reading! Each day will bring improvements. Thank you again! Our family is thankful for your kindness and support you’ve shown through prayers, flowers, food etc. God’s mercies are new each day


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Tell your precious mom that I am praying for her and believing for complete healing!

I posted her praise report on my prayer blog and I know that everyone was excited about her reports.

Love you sweet TJ.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Praying God's will for your Mama! I wish I were closer I'd bring pot roast and potatoes with carrots!
Blessings !

Dee said...

The first week home after major surgery is usually the hardest.Things will get better...till then" wrap your self in a big comfy blanket of faith." (not my quote). TJ. I am sending some of my friends one of my doodles and i would like to send you one. If you would like a doodle please e-mail me