The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Good News!


Thank you for your prayers and interest in my mom! I wanted to you give you some wonderful news! My mom's Liver scan came back clear no cancer in the liver! She is having tests run on other suspious areas, but no news yet. Thanks for your prayers! This is a much better week than last. I will try to post something fun soon!


Dee said...

Thank you for letting us know...i have been so concerned for you and your mom.

Dee said...

TJ. I do not mind talking about my disability. I had polio when I was nine months old in 1948. It affected my right side from the rib cage down. I spent most of my early child hood years with corrective surgery's and a leg brace, with corrective shoes. The heavy metal kind with a ton of straps that went to my hip. My right leg is shorter and causes a nasty limp. The muscles are also smaller and weaker. I went through my early twenty's getting along pretty good with out a brace .and my walking ability was ok. for my disability. I never could run or skip. After the birth of my second child I had a set back, and had to go into a brace once again and use a cane. I was in my early thirty's. In the past ten years as I have aged, I am experiencing more weakness, and can not stand very long in one spot or walk very far with out resting. I depend on my left leg for every thing. Four years ago I had a knee repacement in my left leg,Which has helped with discomfort,but I can no longer get in a van or a truck and for some odd reason, I have trouble scooting a chair forward at the table. The past two years I tire very easily, and I have a noticible weakness in my arms and lower back which makes house work harder for me, which also includes lifting and carrying things. I can not use a broom at all. Which is weird to me. I am not sure how much strenth I will lose and neither does the doctor. I do not feel sorry for my self, but I do think about what or who I would have been had I not caught Polio. But then I would have missed out on who I am now. If I could have just one thing changed beside a complete healing, I would love to be able to wear high heal shoes...pretty ones. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.I also have to deal with arthritis and other age related stuff. :-) Hugs, Dee

Jenny said...

I love the caringbridge sites. They are so wonderful for communication and support. I'm glad to hear your Mom is stable for the moment. Sending prayers and hope your way.

Michele Williams said...

So far good news... we will continue to pray for healing...God bless you..