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The Blogger Herself

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Loved Her Still By T.J. Ellis

What happened to that girl?
That girl who thought she could change the world
That girl who believed nothing was out of reach
That girl who saw the best in the worst
I wish I knew where she was
Where are the fire in her eyes and the song in her heart?
Where is that girl who believed?
Where did her passion go was it swallowed in apathy?
That girl must have lost her way.
That girl pretended that all was just as it had always been.
The change was not instant it happened over time
Nothing would ever be the same again
She could not go back and undo what she did.
Her mind never let her forget.
She lived in a world of silent flashbacks.
If they knew her thoughts, they would disown her for sure
After all she wasn't pure.
They did not see the layers of anger and shame.
They thought she was smart, but she knew the truth.
She was not smart, but what she lacked in intelligence, she replaced with effort
One day she came off the pedestal, and fell to her knees.
It was there lonely and broken she found her King
She could hardly breathe.
She expected to be cast out of His sight.
She had failed her task
Instead He stood before her with love in His eyes.
His Arms open wide.
All her life she had wanted a love like this
No matter how stupid she thought she was, or how inferior she felt.
He loved her still!



Dee said...

Wow T.J. I wish I could write poetry like you. You are such a deep thinker. Love it! The song goes great with it...:)

Jenny said...

What beautiful poetry. I saw you on Dee's and came to visit. This is lovely.

Washer Mom Val said...


Dee said...

Easter Blessings T.J.

leanne said...

Wow, you spoke my life in these words...thank you for being a faithful and humble servant.