The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing Dress Up!

Cousin Brady's 4th birthday Party! Pirate/Princess theme!

My dress was my high school prom dress 9 years ago. I will be out of town tomorrow, but will have very exciting news to share with you as soon as I get back! I can hardly wait to post for you!


Charlotte said...

Great costumes. Looks like a fun party.
Hope you are having a good day.

Jenny said...

Love the costumes! Although didn't it hurt for the guy in the pirates costume to have his hand cut off.

Just kiddin'!

Looks like a great party!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

TJ - I just love these pictures and you look beautiful in your dress!

Dee said...

What a grand birthday...I love that all the adults dressed in costume. :) You look nice ... I look forward to your news! Dee

Molly said...

I'm so impressed by how dressed up everybody got! Very fun :)

And, btw, crowns should be worn much more regularly in my opinion!!