The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ladies Only! Men Beware!


Well what a wild thing life is... I just need to have some girl talk with my female blogger. Sunday morning I woke up a true hormonal mess! By Sunday night I could not sleep, total mind racing episode tears, you name it I had it! Cold sweats and all . Some women have idea what I'm talking about, but I hope someone out there knows. Later in the week, a former caregiver, all but chewed me out on Facebook publicly. All this happened this week already, and there has been a RARE church conflict on Facebook. But there is a bright side always! God is not just not just in the big stuff, He is in the "small stuff too. I'm glad that unlike people God is so slow to anger, and abounding in real love! Romans 8:38-39 Check it out! I'm excited about my new blog followers. Don't let this post scare you off!


Velvet Over Steel said...

What an open and honest post! I know how you were feeling, girl!! I get hot flashes now, just being in the sun too long. Wow! lol
Hope this weekend is Wonderful and better!!

Dee said...

I get those same feelings myself when I deal with conflicts. Mine or someone else's. I think God is in our small stuff so it does not become the big stuff he has to deal with for us. :)