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The Blogger Herself

Monday, May 24, 2010

To Love, not To Change

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Before I post this you may find yourself asking haven't you written on this topic before. Yep I have.... Probably more than once... I think this will be a bit of a different angle than before. I realized today that I don't have the power to change people, in fact, I don't even have the power to change myself. I realized today that I am quick to determine how I wish others would change, instead of just asking God to help me love them just the way they are. Sure I want others to love me despite my imperfections,but how willing am I to love others despite theirs. A trait that bugs me in others is impatience. I guess because I learned early in life that you cannot have everything you want in life how or when you want it, I just expect that this is also a no brainier for others too. I am use to waiting on public transport. I'm use to having to wait on someone to bathe me or feed me or fix me a drink. I'm probably one of the last people to complain about a waiter taking too long, I guess that is because it bothers me when people become upset with me for taking longer to do a task, and then I become upset with myself. My point is I need to better about loving others who are different than me. I need to be better about loving people who say whatever comes into their minds. I need to love and appreciate people who are reserved, instead of asking them to be someone other than who God made them to be. I'm glad that there are people who are different than me, because I am sometimes not assertive enough to get the job done. I am often defensive when it comes to criticism. I tend to deal with most situations relationally instead of concretely, which causes problems with people who are the polar opposite of me. I sometimes find it hard to love people who are very outspoken.
Sometimes people, need to change, sometimes I need to change, but we need God to teach us to love others for who they are, and leave the changing up to him, and the Holy Spirit. I am less paieint with peoples reactions than I'm with situations. That's what I sense the Lord telling me today. Stop trying to change ____ just love _ right where they are, the same way I have loved you! I'm thankful God is showing me that He does love me where I am, and that He can empower me to love others his way!
Desiring the higher things,
Oh please keep my mom in your prayers for a clear PET Scan on June 1st. Thanks so much!


Dee said...

The Lord tells us to love each other especially those that are hard to love. I feel to love the one's that are hard to love can only be accomplished through the help of the Holy Spirit. I always try to find one good thing to focus on in them. I also share with you that at times I become defensive. I do not like to be around anger and guess who the Lord allows to be in my path so I can learn how not to get upset or try to avoid them? A angry soul or a critical person.:( I will be praying for good scan results for your mom. Hugs. Dee

Molly said...

Man, you and I must have gotten the SAME memo this week! I got a little reminder of this same lesson (one that I swear I've learned already - guess not) just a few days ago.
Will we ever do this perfectly? Probably not. Thankfully we have a perfect example to keep referring as when we struggle over and over again...

Faith Imagined said...

Such a great post and so true! We need to love others and let God deal with changing their hearts if needed! This is a good lesson for us all!

Together We Save said...

Praying for your mom!