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The Blogger Herself

Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Lamb I am!

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I just feel compelled to blog today...  Isn't this a cute lamb?  Why would I post a picture of a lamb on my blog?  Well to understand why let me encourage you at some point in the near future to find a Bible and read Isaiah Chapter 40 and take a close look at verse 11."He tends the flock like a shepherd:He gathers the lambs in his arms close to his heart.; he gently leads those who have young.." in this analogy God is the Shepherd.  I wish the concept of a shepherd was not so foreign to me or this culture, but it is.  The whole chapter tells us a lot about the nature of God, like that He alone is God, and BTW DON'T OVER LOOK THAT God ALONE IS GOD!  Then wham there it is!  In other places in scripture, and even now we know that Christ who Is God, is our sacrificial HOLY Lamb, and yet here the people of Israel are the lamb, and God is the shepherd, now I'm no history person, and not all that  educated, but if I understand the passage correctly, then this passage speaks of God's love and care for his chosen people.  God is the only one who can be both, a Shepherd, and a Lamb at the exact SAME time.  God the father, and Christ the Lamb!
   Now, to be honest, it was very hard for me to take this promise as my own until I also read, Eph. 3:6 " That the Gentiles(meaning current day believers as well) emphasis mine( should be fellow-heirs, and of the same body,and partakers in his promise in Christ by the gospel:"  What that  means to me is that     God is My Shepherd and He gathers me in His arms!  He carries me close to his heart!  Here we see the Creator of the Universe expressing physical affection toward his own!  I too can have claim to the same promises as Israel!  I don't know about you but I am starving for evidence that God who is the strong and Mighty offers us a picture of physical affection from Himself!   Do you need the Shepherd to hold you close, maybe like me it seems irreverent to you, to think of God as tender, but I am not to argue with the King of Kings about who He is!


Velvet Over Steel said...

Great encouragement & post!! Dif. lead me to my bible!

Hope you have a Fantastic, Wonderful week!!!!

Blessings & Big Hug,

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Behold the Lamb!

great post TJ!

Dee said...

The Lamb of God!!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

A terrific post! The Lord is my shepherd and so very comforting to know He is always there, whether I am naughty or nice, He forgives me in a heartbeat, with his tender loving care He holds me ever so close - so close our hearts beat as one.

The link you gave for details about the picture... The video "Fowl Play" absolutely heartbreaking!!!

God bless you.