The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, April 08, 2011

Stretched and BLESSED!

Hi bloggers:

Several times I have written posts only to delete these later...  A   year ago today, I  was traveling to a women's conference, and little did I know that a week later I would be invited to go to Michael W, Smith's  home....  My mom was in remission for the second time, and life was lovely.  READ about it Here and also Here Time of my Life  Today my friends went to the conference again this year,and I wish for them a wonderful time.  I cannot begin to tell you all the ways God has blessed and stretched my family and  I the last 3 months.  God has provided Physically, monetarily and emotionally for all of us!  Even when it seemed things were unraveling, God''s people have stepped up and the riches of God's grace has sustained in every way.  It has not always been pretty, but it's been true, and it has been real.  People from our church have been remarkable!  Every night when needed meals have been brought to us!  God has been faithful, granting his peace and Presence at each turn.  I'm sorry for my lengthy periods of silence.  There were times a few weeks ago, when I was fearful and frustrated that mom kept having setbacks  To see her now, you would never imagine how sick she was!  She has shown amazing courage.  I"m getting my mom back!  As I think, I mentioned in earlier post doctors seem very Optimistic about a long term recovery.  The cancerous tumor is gone, and I praise the Lord for more time to enjoy her!  I am sad for a friend who found out there is nothing more that can be done medically, for her mom who has fought long and hard battling cancer.  My heart aches for her, as I know we are no more deserving than she and her family.  I see suffering and hurt everywhere through violence or natural disaster, and sickness.  To be honest, I still cannot fathom what would happen, if my plea for mom's healing from God was No but on some level, I know that as long as I have eternal hope in Jesus, I really can face whatever comes.  Would I need the Lord to carry me, and grant me the will to keep going, yeah you better believe it!  I KNOW MY GOD IS ABLE!  I KNOW I HAVE A HOPE BEYOND THIS LIFE!  I KNOW THAT HE IS FAITHFUL AND HE CAN HANDLE ME, THROUGH THE GOOD AND BAD. ONE OF THE AMAZING TRUTHS ABOUT GOD IS HE DOES NOT ABANDON HIS OWN!  What do you know about God that gets you through the impossible?  

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nita said...

HI, Great blog, glad to hear the good news about your mum. Nothing is impossible for Our God, Praise His Name.

God Bless - Nita.