The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, August 26, 2011

Reasons for Joy Friday!

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1. I am joyful that music blesses me so richly!
2 I am Joyful that everything always works out, maybe not the way I expect, but it always works out
3. I'm joyful that I will be attending MWS AND AMY GRANT CONCERT!
4. I am joyful that I have my sight, and hearing.
5. I am joyful that God forgives me and knows me name!
6. I am joyful for a great week overall!
7. I am joyful for the possibility that my dad may visit in December,  the last time was 20 years ago.
8.  I'm joyful that a few weeks ago, I got to hold a baby in my arms by myself for the first time, since I held my brother 25 years ago.
9. I'm joyful for Joanne Everett's chocolate pound cuke.
10 I'm joyful I was able to wear makeup, and feel pretty on Tuesday!
11.   I'm joyful that Beth Barber read my blog last week!


Dylan said...

Your joy is contagious! Thanks for sharing!

Velvet Over Steel said...

GREAT list sweet angel!! I love Amy Grant and I'll be praying things work out for your dad to visit in Dec.

Have a Wonderful weekend!!
Coreen XO

sprinkles said...

Another great week! Thanks for joining me for 2 weeks in a row now for Half Full Friday. I hope you'll become a regular contributor.

I hope things work out for your dad to come and visit in December!

Molly said...

When I saw that billboard announcing that concert, your face was the first one that popped in my head! So glad you got tickets.

Jenn said...

TJ reading your joy list made me filled with joy.. just thinking about you makes me joyful! i love you! :-)