The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I can count to 100! Can you! Thanksgiving Week

                                                                          Link to imageSo since it is Thanksgiving week, and last year I posted 100 reasons I'm thankful....  I thought why should 2011 be any different.  I hope that when I'm dead and gone, one of my life messages will be that Thanksgiving is a way of life, not a season!  I'm going to try to not to have too much overlap, from last year, but a few will be repeats, because I'm still thankful for them.  In no certain will joy me by telling what you are giving Thanks for?  Here is last year's list2010 Give Thanks List

  1. Jesus Died for me
  2. I have a place reserved for me in Heaven.
  3. God loves me!
  4. The forgiveness of God and others
  5. The body of Christ
  6. Music that lifts my soul.
  7. Eternal Security
  8. My church
  9. God's provision
  10. God's promises
  11. Healing
  12. The chance to disciple new believers
  13. The chance to serve
  14. My mom's well being and the ability to share life with her. All my family.
  15. My Brother's success
  16.  My Grandmother's  spunk
  17. My cousins
  18. My cousins who visited from GA this year
  19. My Dad's health and Good spirit.
  20. Our fall Vacation
  21. Donna Chambliss  
  22. My friends new and old.
  23. Mary S.
  24. Macy
  25. Our new Van.
  26. Money to buy more than we ever need
  27. The ability to see out the passenger seat window in the van!
  28. My mom's recovery
  29. My chair is fixed.
  30. Clients I have been blessed to encounter in 2011.  For God's intervention in their lives.
  31. A hug from Michael W. 
  32. A call from someone special on Father's Day this year.
  33. Meeting Jennifer and Phil Rothschild
  34. Purpose found in mom's battle with cancer.
  35. Jennifer Hand
  36. Michelle Humbert
  37. Friends who are like family
  38. Sandra Rose
  39. Kristin Smith 
  40. Deb and Jerry Higtower
  41. All the meals everyone people fixed while mom was sick.
  42. The chance to know some people in my church on a more personal level.
  43. The chance to lead a Bible study
  44. Prayers people pray for me. 
  45. Unexpected answers to prayer
  46. Joy in writing
  47.      A safe place to vent
  48.  The chance to take showers
  49. Luxuries like Netflix and my Kindle
  50. Carta Bus Drivers
  51. My health.
  52. The chance to bless others
  53. My mattress 
  54. Wise Counsel from Godly People 
  55. counseling 
  56. Comfort
  57. Inspiration
  58. Elizabeth Yates & Vicki Wade
  59. Gifts I did not pay for.
  60. Family that cares
  61. Military Families
  62.  New Mercies
  63. A new female doctor
  64. Living in the USA
  65. encouraging words this year
  66. Successful fundraising
  67. Miracles
  68. Reconnecting with friends from the past
  69.  My lift
  70. No broken bones
  71. A greater sense of purpose
  72. Being single
  73. No Kidney stone
  74. Inside jokes
  75. Conviction
  76. That I'm not where I was
  77. New Shoes
  78. The ability to speak, see, and hear.
  79. A smile from a stranger
  80. Freedom to vote
  81. Motivation
  82.  Jesus gives me the freedom to feel anger.
  83. Sleep over with Jocelyn back in September.
  84. Supportive blog readers
  85. That the world does not rest on my shoulders
  86. Affection
  87. Personal growth
  88. sweet memories
  89. Peaceful moments
  90. Spiritual gifts
  91. food I never notice.
  92. A RAMP
  93. Meal
  94. The grace to let some things go.
  95. The slightest improvement relationships
  96. Projects
  97. Free time
  98. Lessons Learned
  99. Safety
  100. Good change...

1 comment:

Dylan said...

WOW! What a testimony!
This is such a good idea. I try to do this daily (but not quite 100! At least 5!)
I am going to try to do 100 for Thanksgiving! Stay tuned...
You are a blessing to many! That counts!