The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Saturday, December 03, 2011

What is Worship Anyway? (A Larger View)

    Hi Bloggers:

Let me just be honest here, I'm feeling a lot of pressure to move ahead in life, and in writing, but I feel very little creativity flowing through my veins, so I'm going to do something I rarely do, and just relax and write...  I'm letting go, of the agenda....  I hope you will still find inspiration and meaning from this blog, but sometimes life is just filled with what may seem mundane upon the surface, but maybe the real miracle is that with the right perspective, we discover nothing to our Savior is mundane.  I mean what if Jesus had thought coming to earth was too earthly or mundane?  Where would that leave you and me?  What if Jesus had been of the mindset that the task to dwell in flesh, was just not spiritual enough.  Of course he knew that his earthly ministry would result in the highest eternal purpose, but what about all the in between seemingly tedious tasks-that come with being part of humanity?  Yes, it is true that Jesus always put greater focus on eternal things, but maybe our Lord, didn't compartmentalize the way we do, maybe he sees everything even those less glamorous moments, as a humble means of worship?  How do you think our lives would be different, if we too adopted such thinking?  Would we smile instead of frown?  Would we find joy in the meager tasks of the day instead of only those which we label "spiritual"?  I don't think Jesus intended for us to classify tour lives in sections labeled spiritual or secular.  He didn't intend for us as Christians to wear a bubble around ourselves, refusing to get our hands dirty.  The teachers of biblical times failed to understand that no matter how clean they kept their hands, apart from Christ their souls would forever contain the dirt called sin.  They didn't understand that a person could get their hands dirty by giving themselves, and yet a heart could be cleansed only by Christ!  Our Savor got his hands dirty on earth, but his soul of purity remained.  If He is our example, then should it not be true of us since he is in and with us!  Just a thought.  "Whatever you do, do it with all your heart unto the Lord, not unto men." Col 3:23 What are your thoughts?  Do you struggle with a limited view of what the Lord deems "spiritual" maybe we should relax a little huh?


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

relaxing and writing was a good thing for you my friend. i love reading your thoughts as they flow off of your mind and onto the computer! i love the way God is speaking to you and growing you in Him.

Jennifer Dougan said...

What better place to relax into writing than on your own blog, eh? :) I agree that whatever we do we can do it all to the best of our abilities for him too.

Thanks for letting me stop by today.

Jennifer Dougan