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The Blogger Herself

Monday, January 02, 2012

He Fights For You and Me!

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The image you see is a paraphrase of Exodus 14:14.  Last night, a friend text me the verse and in truth it could not have come at a more needed time!  My mom was violently    sick from Tues to Thurs from chemo, I got the crud on Tues, my regular caregiver was on a needed vacation, and by last bight I was coming unglued.  The truth is I have given my mom's heath to the Lord on a regular basis, but I've not prayed so much about my own personal care, which with having cerebral Palsy does involve a lot.  I battle shame constantly about other people having to clean up after me.  The feelings of humiliation are at times nearly unspeakable as adult.   I keep thinking that one day I will get use to it, and while it is easier at times, I never get use to it.  I thought this morning Jesus our Savior knows what humiliation looks like.  He knows what it feels like!  He tasted it as He hung on the cross!  He did nothing to warrant such agony.  He endured it out of faith, trusting The Father to bring his plan to pass!   Sometimes we don't know all the reasons God allows things to happen in our lives, but He has promised to fight on our behalf, the problem often comes when we are too prideful to admit we need him!  I cannot change my situation, but I can humble myself and admit I need God!  Admit I need him to change my perspective, I need him to strengthen, me and fill me, up! You need the Lord to fight your battles too, you may think the battles are small enough to face on your own, but like me you will discover you can't.  But when relying upon Christ we realize our battle has already been won!  We know that we have been given a Conquer Status!  The Lord will fight for us, as He did for  Israel, the bigger question is will we chose the path of faith, and rest in him, until we see the results of victory?  I'll pray for you and you pray for me, as we rest in the One who fought the ultimate battle for us!


Jenn said...

Tj i love this.. speechless I am. wow.. and i consider it an honor to be your best friend.. your writing in this is incredible.. and they should publish it.. and i want an autographed copy!

Sue Tornai said...

I love your post, your whole blog. We love the same things--everything about Jesus. Keep up the great work.

David C Brown said...

Wherever we are the Lord Jesus has been lower - for us!

"He gives more grace."