The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Friday, May 04, 2012

A week of celebration and Reflecting... Part 1

Wow what a busy 2 weeks it has been!  We have three family birthdays in April including my own. Last Sunday I turned 29....   My aunt decorated in my favorite colors, and the family had a steak/shrimp dinner for me!  My cousin Kim made an amazing birthday cake!   A friend from church hand painted a bucket with my name, and a butterfly on it, and it had my favorite candy bar inside!  Best friend day at Local Chattanooga Mall   We were crazy!  I have more exciting things to share, but I must close for now..  How was your week?


Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi! It's so fun to see you back online again. :) Welcome back, and happy birthday! 29 huh, huh? You're a young one. I turned 38 this April.

Thanks for stopping by my site again, Angelonwheels.

Regarding your comment, I am thankful for those beautiful glimpses into their great choices, and saddened by seeing my dumb choices reflected back out too some days. So humbling and it keeps me honest and thankful before my God.

How are you?! How are you feeling this week? How has your busy life been?

Jennifer Dougan

Molly said...

29?!?! Man you're OLD. ;)
{I can only joke that way because you know that I'm much, much older than that}

Your laughing picture says it all. Looks like you had a happy, happy birthday.