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The Blogger Herself

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yes, We Can, Because "He" Did!

Please note this post was written days prior to the Supreme Court's ruling today, and was not intended to make a political statement of any kind.
In the last several years it seems my confidence in my intellect has suffered a lot.  The fact is I never had much confidence in my skills.    I can do people, but ask me to learn a new skill and I will break out in a sweat.  I suppose it is because for years no matter how much I succeeded, it always seemed I was one step away from discovering I wasn't smart, and if that happened my identity would be gone.  I might be able to fool other people, but I knew the truth.  The truth is there are some serious holes in my skill level, and sometimes there are days I wonder how I excelled in high school, much less three years of college.  It seems what I lacked in skill or ability, I concealed through effort.  As I approach an exciting event in my lifeShe Speaks I'm thrilled and amazed, still part of me thinks I'm foolish to think God would desire to use me in the area of communication written or spoken.  Then,though I am reminded God is not oblivious to my weakness or my strengths.  I also know there are a TON OF PEOPLE who love me and believe in me way more than I understand.These people have allowed me the chance to go, and more importantly God picked this time, this season for me to attend!  Back during President Obama's election campaign, He used the slogan "Yes We Can"  Regardless of my opinion or views on his polices, I like many were mesmerized by his optimism and the historical context of his campaign, and his "underdog roots"  I realize many of  you  stopped reading at this point at the very mention of something political, but hang with me.  You and I both know that apart from Christ, we can do nothing, but this slogan, "YES WE CAN has applications  for Christians in our walk.  The truth is if we believed what God says about what we as believers can do, we would be unstoppable!  So I'm borrowing a portion of President Obama's slogan, and adding a little a little something to it.  Yes, We can, because He meaning Christ already did .Everything we needed to make us VICTORIOUS has been accomplished!         No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."  Romans 8:37  Despite whatever Weakness we have God's grace and power are greater!  Also, see Phil 1:6    I do ask that you all pray for me in the coming weeks as I prepare!  Thank you!


Dee said...

I am excited for you...God see's in you what you do not will be just who he needs you to be for his kingdom work. Blessings.

Molly said...

Can't wait to hear/read all about the conference! I pray it is everything your heart desires and much more than you even know you need.

mylittlecottage said...

amen nice post thanks for sharing

Jennifer Dougan said...

You're going to She Speaks, yay! I went last summer and loved it. You will find the content and conversations to be so encouraging.

Jennifer Dougan

Anonymous said...

Philippians 4:13 is what I always try to remember and keep close to my heart when I face things that are my weaknesses. Also, another quote that I hear alot and try to keep in mind is "God does not call the equipped, but equips the called." This is so true and is reflected in so many Bible stories. This post was truly an inspiration to me :)

Just Be Real said...

Blessings to you and thank you for sharing.