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The Blogger Herself

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wound Healer Part 1.

                During one of my mom’s many surgeries, she was forced to be left with an open wound. The purpose of this was so that the highly dangerous infection in her leg would be able to properly drain. This required home health nurses having to come on a daily basis to pack her leg, so that it would properly heal without leaving a gaping permanent hole.  During this time, it was frustrating for my mom, because it was time-consuming, uncomfortable and required her to have to depend on someone else for her needs.  Her leg had to packed for proper care. As I thought about this, it occurred to me that this is what happens when we as Christians experience wounds of a different kind.  I realized recently how deep the wound of rejection can be.  Over years of writing on this blog, I’ve discovered that one of the topical issues I tend to write in one form another is rejection. This is one of my wounds.  I believe that there are a couple of unhealthy ways that I have dealt with the pain of rejection.  One way is by avoiding conflict at all costs.  It's probably obvious, but this is an unhealthy habit because it's impossible.  I've always been intrigued by the fact that Jesus never seemed to run from conflict. Maybe the reason I am so quick to avoid conflict, is because I know that more often than not I will not respond how Jesus did. You see, Jesus was far from a people pleaser like me.  When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness in matthew chapter 4, he didn't become rattled because he knew who he was. He knew whose approval he already had.  I have a really bad habit of not telling people when my feelings are hurt; instead I try to rationalize away the hurt I feel, so that I can avoid conflict. It's a vicious cycle I know that.   
      Going back to the wound analogy with my mom, I'm discovering that just as her physical wound had to be packed, we as Christians cannot expect our wounds whatever they may be to just fade away into the night. Without ever having surrendered  to Christ to bring healing.  We cannot know the supernatural power of healing to our wounds apart from The Wound Healer  Some wounds heal quicker than others. Some can be treated with a quick apology, while others like my mom’s take time to treat properly.  In Isaiah 61 Jesus proclaims that one of the reasons he came, was to heal the brokenhearted.    As I was laying awake late the other night,  a wound came up that I continue to push away without addressing it.  I'm sure it is because I know it will be uncomfortable. It will require my choosing to let go and not holding on. I might have to risk losing the approval of others and having conversations I'd rather not have. I sometimes wonder if what attracted crowds to Jesus, was his willingness to do the hard things.  If my mom had not allowed her leg to be treated properly, then it would have left her impaired in some way. Now of course in my mom's case, the choice seems like no choice at all.  Of course, you're going to take the necessary steps to healing. On a spiritual level though, most of us – well okay I don't want to do the work necessary to promote healing. Sure, I want the benefits of allowing the Lord to heal the wounds but am I willing to do the hard work to get there?  I'm learning that when we hold our wounds near to our hearts without surrendering these to Christ, we find ourselves impaired in different ways. “He heals the brokenhearted” and bandages their wounds.”  Ps. 147:3 Much like my mom would have experienced, if she had chosen not to allow the time and effort it took to accomplish the task. I realize this is kind of a psychology-based post but that was never my intention. So I have a few questions for you, my readers: have you experienced a type of emotional healing that only entrusting Christ can accomplish?  While I know this is a particularly difficult topic – and I'm not asking for specifics, I'm wondering are there pieces of advice you would give to those on the outside looking in? If you are still waiting on, or in the process of a continual healing, built on the foundation of Christ, what are some tools you would be willing to share?  For me, I'm learning that there are some wounds that only Christ can heal. I'm also learning that running away from that which I don't want to face is harmful.  Sometimes what hurts us seems insignificant to others, but how comforting it is to know that to Christ all of our wounds are important. No matter how insignificant we may think these to be.  Sometimes for me I replay different forms of rejection, to the point that these have become an unspoken expectation of my own.  It was only as I’m beginning to bring these to Christ, which I have discovered Christ never desired for his children to believe or be driven by wounds of rejection.  I’m not saying that I’ve faced rejection to the degree that lots of people have, but that still does not change the fact that God cares, or overshadow the need for God’s supernatural healing    I hope this won't be the last word on the subject.  I also want to write about what it is like to be the person inflicting the wound. I have been on both sides of the coin.  


Jenn said...

TJ this is AWESOME.. I want to print this out and share with my clients.. iam so proud of you. what an incredible blogger you are!

Dee said...

Beautiful TJ...I dealt with rejection most of my life and on occasion it still trys to rear its ugly head. Your writing talent is blooming...keep it up.

Anonymous said...

TJ, What an awesome post! You probably know more than anyone else in my life about some of my struggles with rejection. My advice is to take the wound to the Lord for healing(just like you said in this blog)and to ask Jesus for a really good friend who will listen when you are hurting. I'm so glad God has already answered that request for me, my "really good friend."
Love you,

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Angelonwheels,

Thank you for dealing with the hard topic of pain and emotional healing. Yes, I think we all deal with that. For me, learning to trust, to forgive, and to stay soft takes time. Have you seen my How to Be Beautiful" post? It deals with leaning into pain, etc. here it is: I wrote that after some hard stuff.

Regarding your comments on my site: Thank you! I am so glad that my "My Court Case" post touched someone other than just me. It has been powerful for me the last week too. Thanks for reading this longer, heftier post. We bloggers can all learn from each other too. Thank you, friend.

Regarding the "Shattering Public Speaking Jitters" post, yes, feel free to share it with others as long as I am linked to, cited as the author, and it is left unchanged. Glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to tweet it, pin it, facebook share it, etc.
I bet you miss your friend...

Jennifer Dougan

NITA said...

Well said, an excellent post, thank you for sharing this way.

God Bless - Nita