The Blogger Herself

The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At Least 100 Reasons I'm Thankful

100 Reasons I can say I'm thankful...  How about you?  Note they are in Random Order.  I did not list every person or item.  I tried to list a lot of new things I'n thankful for, but note I repeated some from years past, and did not repeat many of things and people I still give thanks for from years past.  Ok, I hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Every day there are reasons to give thanks!
  1. The Gospel that makes my life worth living
  2. That the Gospel is becoming real to me again
  3. The unconditional Love of God isn't a fairy-tale
  4. God is forgiving God
  5. God is unchanging
  6. The blood of Jesus
  7. The Empty Tomb
  8.  I matter to God
  9. God is compassionate
  10. God is not distant
  11. God is not holding my sins against me
  12. God is not unresponsive
  13. God is not unavailable 
  14. God is trustworthy
  15. God is not uninterested in the details concerning me
  16. God listens to me.  
  17. He knows my past, present, and future
  18. When I die, I'll be in heaven. 
  19. One day I will be able to kneel before God's throne
  20. God works all things together for my good
  21. God sees me.  
  22. God is my companion
  23.  The Holy Spirit revealing truth about who God is
  24. Safety and protection from harm
  25. The supernatural ability to forgive others
  26. My thorns in the flesh
  27. God's discipline, even though I didn't want it
  28. God's kindness and mercy towards me    
  29. God keeps his promises
  30. The freedom to worship God
  31. The Beauty of God's creation
  32. The beauty of the Body of Christ/ my church and God's provision  All who have helped me and my family
  33. My mom who is an inspiration and sometimes looney too smile
  34. For SCRI for helping her fight cancer, and the fact that she is currently stable
  35. My brother who sometimes surprises me.
  36. My grandmother who loves her grandchildren with her whole heart
  37. My mom's stable Health and retirement and approval for disability
  38. Food
  39. Being prayed for
  40. Our Beach Trip as a family
  41. Macy
  42. My Aunt Margaret who is fun loving and spunky and my uncle who always supports her in everything she does,
  43.   A house and a home.
  44. The chance to minister to others
  45. My friends and family and my circle
  46. - Brained Hills Baptist church
  47. Linda Smith
  48. My caregivers Donna and Mary
  49. The Hand Family
  50. My Pastor- whose humor and kindness are evident 
  51. The counsel and support  of John and Beth Barber this year especially.
  52. The Passion for worship and musical talent of Jeff Clark 
  53. The joy of seeing  my church  youth group being led by Matthew and Erica  Also others in Church
  54. All church staff and their families who have their own gifts and use them well 
  55. Mike Lofton  his consistent friendly demeanor
  56. Michael Steffey's commitment to Children's Ministry  and the unborn
  57. My Choices Family.
  58. God's responses to my prayers in his way and time
  59. The Gift of She Speaks conference
  60. Cousins I love.
  61. Signal Centers AT Center my computer
  62.  Jennifer Nichols and The Ritzhaupt family for this year's courage award.Sarah Mak and Ezra Reynolds.
  63. My health. 
  64. Unborn babies and women who have been spared from abortion
  65. The chance to plant seeds in peoples lives
  66. Being part of  an extended family who supports each other. 
  67. The ability to contact my dad any time I choose to.
  68. My GA. family 
  69. Sitting in a Beach chair on the Beach.
  70. The gift of keeping up with out of town friends.  
  71. Living in America
  72. Material gifts
  73. Speaking at the Bloom Conference
  74. Being prayed by David Dees before speaking.
  75. Meeting Hunter Dees
  76. Missing Pieces Bible study
  77. The Nelson family and the testimony they are living 
  78. Mike Hand is cancer free
  79. That My grandmother is well
  80. Phone calls with friends
  81. Access to God's word
  82. Encouragement and blessings from others.
  83. A working chair and hospital bed
  84. Books that have blessed me.
  85. Children who've touched my heart
  86. A good score on my speaker e-val
  87. Baby Hope Humbert who I still haven't met
  88. Reconnecting with old friends
  89.  the Kindness of strangers.
  90. The Rare moment of seeing a sunrise.
  91. The chance to write to bless others
  92. Laughter with my mom
  93. people who affirm me.
  94. Lessons learned through pain
  95. Contentment felt
  96. Discovering first impressions can be wrong
  97. Caringbridge Website
  98. Hot water
  99. Nice clothes  
  100. My Blog friends
Did you make it to the end?  


Anonymous said...

you made my day.u r on my top ten reasons 2 be thankful list. s proud 2 be ur u

NITA said...

What a lovely comprehensive list _ God Bless

Beth said...

A wonderful list!!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!


Dee said...

An amazing list of thankfulness...♥

Just Be Real said...

Wow, to take the time to make such a wonderful list of gratitudes, I commend you. Thank "you" for sharing. Blessings.

Molly said...

Such an inspirational list. As usual, you are such an example to me.
Thank you for sharing your heart with boldness!!

Vicki said...

I love your list! Made me think.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hello Angelonwheels,

Whew, that's quite a list! I didn't read them all, but skimmed many of them.

Counting God's gifts is a wonderful exercise and discipline to cultivate more and more of. Have you read Ann Voskamp's book?

Jennifer Dougan