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The Blogger Herself

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Promise Fulfilled and Delivered

It disheartens me that the Christmas season brings stress to many Christians.  I guess because I only spend what I am able, and don't have children of my own, it really simplifies Christmas for me.  I have told my family for years, if I never got another Christmas gift I'd be fine with that, and I still mean it..  We as Christians say that Christmas isn't about stuff or family or decorations, but I wonder sometimes if all those things were stripped away would we celebrate just the same?  The truth is I wonder if would celebrate far more richly if this were so.  Don't misunderstand me I'm not anti gift exchange, the presents under our  tree are numerous, but honestly I rarely ever remember the gifts I receive each year.  The gift I do remember is a devotional book my mom gave me last year called Meet Me at the Manger...and I"ll to the Cross  By Leighann McCoy.  It is devotionals from the Christmas season and  goes through Easter.  I recommend it highly to enrich your experience.    Has anyone ever broken a promise to you?  We live in a world filled with broken promises, that is what makes Christmas so Miraculous!  Christmas is proof of God's promise fulfilled!  See Mt 1:22-23 and Isa. 9:6   It happened at just the right time in history, not a detail was overlooked  If you are satisfied with The Gift that never loses its wonder or power, I rejoice with you!!!!  If you like many, have expressed  Christmas burnout or desire to refocus on the Gift worth celebrating, then I remind all of us of the most abundant gift ever given!  And His Name is Jesus!            


Crystal McClure said...

Great post TeeJ. This year my family and I are doing things differently. My sister and I decided we didn't want gifts. Of course, her little girl will receive them; but we decided we just wanted to take the time and spend it with our family baking goodies and watching Christmas shows. I am really looking forward to it.

NITA said...

Yes the greatest gift of all.

A very happy blessed Christmas to you. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Beth said...

Merry Christmas to you!

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for sharing and blessings to you dear one on Christmas.

Dee said...

What a powerful question....if stuff was stripped away would we celebrate the same? I would hope that Christians would...but the world only see's the stuff. It is a celebration of stuff. I do not get burn out...I have a very simplified Christmas, but I do get an inward sadness from child hood...with the Lords help even that is getting better. You are such an inspiring and wise person. Merry Christmas...Love Dee