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The Blogger Herself

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Does God Give the Silent Treatment?

Few things rattle my more than someone giving me silent treatment or worse trying to silence me.  While I don't like yelling, I would rather someone yell at me than stop speaking to me.  That might be why the last 2 months or so of God being seemingly silent have been rough for me...  Do you know that feeling?  You read the Bible, but nothing seems to speak to your situation, so you tell yourself eventually God will speak to you and just have to keep pressing on.  When God is silent, it is sometimes because we are refusing to be quiet and listen to His voice.  We are so ,busy trying to fix things or control things that it rarely occurs to us to listen instead of speak.  Other times I believe He is silent because God is waiting for us to respond to something He has already revealed.  I've been there.  Have you experienced this?  Other times, we may not be aware of the reason God chooses to be silent, but we still can choose our response to that perceived or actual silence.
Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him. Hebrews 11:6  In human relationships we don't end a friendship, because one goes months without talking, we often pick up where we leave off.  I've experienced God's silence in  an area for ten plus years, but his timing has been perfect in when and how he has worked in the situations.
There are times when if we are not careful we might be tempted to believe Gods silence is a lack of care or concern for us, this is untrue and a misunderstanding regarding God's nature.  While Scripture is a primary way God speaks, I've discovered he speaks through music, the  beauty of nature, other people, and many others forms.  While God will not contract his word ever in any way, we should never limit ourselves to thinking God can or  will only speak to us during a 30 minute quiet time.  I am encouraged by this.  God often speaks to me through sunsets, or a kind word from someone who crosses my path.  When God seems to be silent toward us, we need to ask God to help us look around, and be open to hearing and seeing him, in ways that might be unexpected.  There are times when God may be actually silent, because  of unrepentant sins in our lives.  Ps. 51, and we must look within through confession.  If you have experienced a time or season where God seems silent, you never know how sharing your story may encourage someone.  You and I might be  one instrument He desires to use to speak into someone else's life.  Let's not give up on hearing and seeing God speak but keep a watchful eye, and open ears- knowing He promises to be found by those who seek Him!  Jer. 29:13.  He is worthy of our praise, even when He chooses to exercise his rightful silence in our lives.   

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Jenn said...

I am so so excited to read your writing. This is awesome. I love what you had to say and your perspecitve.. you are an incredible writer and so so wise.. :)